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GL32 Thread Holder - Griffin Glass Tools

GL32 Thread Holder - Griffin Glass Tools

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Use this Glass Thread holding Tool to hold GL style glass threads. The thread holding portion of this tool is made from a super high grade ultra dense graphite and the tube handle is stainless steel. We have put the tubes through a straightening die in order to assure handle straightness. The ultra high density graphite is absolutely the best material to come into direct contact with the glass threads in order to avoid stress to the thread blank. We have put the graphite through rigorous testing in order to assure longevity of this holding tool.

These manufactured glass threads are available from most of your favorite raw glass distributors. The manufactured glass threads come with a plastic cap on the thread blank as well.

These thread holders are a great solution to holding the threads that will become the cap/ top of a flask or other vessel.  Make the vessel that you intend to have a threaded cap on, then open the top of the vassal that you’ve formed. Place the glass thread blank in the thread holding tool, tear off any extra clear glass from below the threads. Then at this point you just need to weld the GL style glass threads to the top of your vessel.


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