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Puffco Proxy Forming Tool - Griffin Glass Tools

Puffco Proxy Forming Tool - Griffin Glass Tools

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This Tool is designed for making a perfect fitting cup form for the Puffco Proxy.  Forming molten glass onto this graphite tool will help you create the perfect mating shape to hold the Puffco Proxy. It can also be used for plugging the opening of the cup shape so that you can blow air through the tool which will help with welding a stem to a cup form. This tool is also super helpful with checking the opening size of the cup shape when the glass is still hot.   The forming section of graphite is exactly the length of the Puffco Proxy so that you can easily check if the glass form you’ve made is deep enough to allow a good proxy fit. The glass tube supplied with the tool is 12.7 x 14″ long. The glass can be changed or modified by the end user. The glass tube handle offers a number of functional benefits including straightness, no heat transfer, familiar material in the workers hands is great for muscle memory. See more helpful information described in detail in the full product description.


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